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Abhishek Thalur
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Abhishek Thakur is a well Trained Vocalist and Youngest Fine Guitarist and Composer. He has spent years honing his skills to fine art. His hindi and english track selection, unique style and infectious personality captivate crowds around the globe. His passion for music gave him the motivation to defy convention and pursue music as more than just a passing hobby. What started off as a writer and vocal at the tender age of 15, at local collage functions and gatherings of friends. Abhishek Thakur continues to ride high at the pinnacle of the modern music movement both as a writer and, more importantly, asinger. In 2012, he released his first Song \"You\'ll be Mine\". He is very successful in his another Song \"Ye tune kya kiya\"too. He released his acoustic version \"You\'ll be Mine\" single edition and Many Singals. He had already experimented with Punjabi, English and Rap productions. The indisputable appeal of his art can be adjudged from the fact that his songs are regularly played in functions mostly in collages. Its true that its all about Music for Abhishek Thakur. Singing has always been a passion for him and he was exposed to musicality from a very tender age.You may be listening to music all the time, but with him you can really taste it. He is a crowd favorite and a true asset to any venue. The creativity of excellent fluent sets and brilliant writing skills made the talented Abhishek Thakur a well known name in a very short time. Either you hear ABhishek Thakur singing in small functions or on big outdoor events, you can be sure that he throws a raging party! His popularity is emphasized by a positive relaxed performance behind the Composing console completed with spontaneous and active communication with his audience. ‘This is just a beginning for Abhishek Thakur’, he just turned 20. He knows his aim and we all know that he’ll certainly get there.
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